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I wasn't included with the rest of Aaron and Amara’s plan. So, I sat on the dirty leather couch in the living room in her hideout house. They were in the kitchen discussing all the flaws or whatever. Amara had immediately said I wasn't allowed to join the conversation since I was a cop. The way she said that word so sickly made my stomach turn. It wasn't like I was a bad guy, but to any criminal; I probably was. Sitting alone on a disgusting and uncomfortable couch makes you think of the current events. My head and chest hurt at the thought of how Sean had looked in the cell. Sick, angry, betrayed, and it was all from me. The way his eyes had been filled with hatred when I’d walked in made me feel like I would throw up. I was so irritated with myself that I had ultimately not realized that another guy was in the house. He had short dark brown hair, subtle frame, but muscles were rippling under his shirt, his eyes were a gray-blue that put me on edge. He kept glancing over at me then at the front window. He was waiting for my backup to arrive. They won't so calm down you prick.

I heard Amara laugh and I saw the bodyguard look in the direction it had come from then glanced at me. I shifted uncomfortably under his unnatural colored gaze. Then what sounded like someone being thrown against a wall made me and the guy jump to our feet, just to see a glimpse of Aaron and Amara shoving each other’s tongues down each other's throats. I gave the man a sideways glance, he looked disappointed.

“Amara. This is the guy you were going to kill, remember? He didn't even finish your file clearing.”

She pulled away for a moment and fixed a few strands of hair that blocked her gaze.

“Yeah, I know. Just wanted a little fun.”

I saw Aaron frown for a second, but it just went straight back to the player look that was always on his face.

The guard and I exchanged an annoyed glance. We stood there awkwardly until they stopped, adjusting their shirts and hair. I looked at Aaron, and he shrugged. These are the most professional criminals. Wow.

“Have you figured out your genius plan yet? Or are you going to continue having make out sessions?” I demanded.

I was pissed. More so at Amara than at Aaron, she was sober, and mr. Sunshine wasn't.

“Damn. You're one salty son of bitch Fischbach.” Amara said, stretching her back.

I frowned and suddenly felt panicked. I don't even know what Samuel’s plan with Sean is. He wouldn't tell me.

“We're running out of time. If you ever want to see Sean ever again Aaron, we have to act fast.”

Aaron sighed and glanced at Amara.

“You said it'll happen tomorrow? For sure?”

“Yep.” She said, looking at her bright red nails.

Aaron turned back to me and let out a breath.

“Well officer Fish, time for you to return to being Samuel’s bitch. Maybe find some new info, I'll be at my motel.”

“I'm not Samuel’s b-”

“You pretty much are, you did rad out the one you loved,” Amara said back.

I froze as her green gaze pierced me. She wasn't wrong. But I'm not letting that bitch get to me.


After I'd dropped Aaron off at his motel, I went to the prison that was holding Sean. When I'd arrived, Samuel had met me in the parking lot.

“Where in the hell have you been?”

I got out of my car and shut the door.

“Looking for Aaron. I said that.”

His initial hostility disappeared, it was replaced by curiosity.

“Sorry, forgot. Find any sign of him by chance?”

“Nope. He's wiped his tracks clean like usual.”

He looked a little disappointed, but also glad. But why? What’s the point of getting one out of two criminals, even if I didn’t want that; but still. I was trained to do what was best for the public, and Aaron running around out there is a public danger. I put my keys in my pocket as Samuel started for the building. I followed uneasily, the stress of the next few days starting to crush me. I was a police officer, trained for the job for years, almost a sheriff, but instead, I was on the side of both the people I’ve worked so hard to be; and the enemy. And that enemy happens to have captivating icy blue eyes.

I’d never actually realized, but his eyes were so...I don’t know. They seemed to search every part of me with a glance, the type of bright eyes that have a darkness behind them, eyes that knew things. His messy hair and perfect posture. Everything about him made me so interested. The way his muscles rippled under his shirt, from fighting so much no doubt. The way he’d pretend not to be amused, but let it show by a slight half smile that he didn’t think anyone could catch. How when he’d left me, he’d hesitated...and had come back.

“Earth to Mark?”

I snapped out of my thoughts to realize I was in the building now, in the vacant cafeteria.

“Where’d you go?” Samuel asked.


He smiled and patted me on the shoulder.

“It’s okay, we all zone out sometimes.”


Ha Samuel

Stop ruining the goddamn moment

~Moon :3

I put on my hoodie after I heard Mark go to bed. I wanted to go out. Run around in the snow drifts and icy paths to feel free. Staying in a house all the time is starting to drive me insane. I adjusted my pants and threw my hood over my hair. I often went out at night without Mark knowing because he didn't need to know. To be nervous to leave me alone or stay up all night to make sure I'm not escaping out the back door. I didn't wear shoes, the bare skin pinpointing every squeaky or loose board in the old house's floor. Once I got to the back door, I twisted the handle and opened it just enough to slip through. I closed it, remembering the pain still vibrating through my rib cage. I wasn't in any condition for a run or walk for that matter. I stepped into the snow, my feet immune to the frigid temperatures. I closed the door silently and inhaled, the clean, crisp air bit my nose with a familiar chill. Where a stepped, the snow would slightly melt away, and flowers started blooming. Several pink-white trilliums and a dark blue Oregon anemone sprung up. I knelt down, ignoring my pain and plucked one of the anemone flowers. I stood back up and turned towards Mark's door and set it on the doorstep. I stopped and looked at the looming trees off in the distance. Time to go.

I bounded through the snow, my pain almost becoming nothing. I was creating illuminance that made the ice layer forming on the soft snow shine and glimmer. It was like magic, and it made me feel alive. I hadn’t realized it much before, but I could run for a long time and get places a lot faster than a normal person could. I was in a field now, maybe wheat or alfalfa, the grasses being weighted down from the snow. I slowed, my breath billowing. I breath has never billowed in the air before. I stopped, the snow crunching then melting under my feet as I stayed still. The flowers and some sword ferns sprung up around me. I looked up at the clear sky. The stars were brighter than I’d ever seen before. I took off my hood and stared out across the field; I could see trees that made up the forest I’d lived in. It was far in the distance. I blinked.

I lied down on my back, the snow crunching under my weight. It was quickly a small patch of spring plants that tickled my cheeks. I stared up and forgot everything. Mark, the town, everyone I’d met, everyone I’d lost, and for a few seconds, I felt like myself again.

But I didn’t like myself.

My old self.

98 years ago-

A fire flickered in the distance. I stared through the plants as I heard that strange language, it sounded odd to my ears. I inhaled as the voice became louder and more upbeat like it was the noise of happiness. I narrowed my gaze as I snuck closer. I shifted the bow in my hands and then drew an arrow. I swallowed as a saw the head of them, those things with the foreign tongue. I held my breath and released the arrow. A sick crack of bone and the tearing of flesh made me smile. Another successful hunt. My prey made a gurgled noise, then the crackling of the flames near it filling the silence his voice had left.

I stood up and crept near the camp and saw the pathetic thing, thin fabric clinging to his body becoming soaked in the blood coming from the arrow still lodged in his head. I yanked it out and wiped it on the grass. I stared out over the forest and saw the buildings going up down below. I stared at it for a few moments until a sharp pain struck me in the side. Along with a loud echo that bounced around the area. I turned, another one of those things pointing a metallic object at me. I held my side as pain seared through me. I started back into the forest, running as the pain throbbed. I kept going, even though I’d gotten far from them. I crumpled to the forest floor, the pain growing and growing. I closed my eyes, waiting for the pain to pass. I opened my gaze and saw my veins start lighting. What the- I looked at my side and saw a starburst of light, which began going through all my veins.

Soon I was glowing, Every part of me. I blinked as plants formed near me, new blooms of flowers and mosses. Then someone whispered in my ear, a voice that wasn’t a voice. Weapons and the touch of a living homo-sapien will end your life, think wiser next time.

Present day-

I hadn’t remembered my old way of life until a few days ago. Hunting humans like Mark, killing them for sport or eating them. It makes my stomach churn just thinking about it. They called me a wendigo, which I discovered was a human-like cannibalistic creature that hunted at night; they were an Indian folklore creature. I’d stopped killing humans for the reason of not being hunted myself. Stuck with deer and small mammals, until I realized I looked like a human myself. Couldn’t necessarily see myself until like fifty years ago, which brought the realization that I could blend in and learn from them.

I didn’t tell Mark about my dark past. I couldn’t have him thinking I was dangerous, but I was. Sure, not to Mark or people in general, but if I lose my memory again...who knows what I’ll do.



Plot twist there you guys

Has anyone even figure out what he is yet?

~Moon :3

    After leaving the competition, Malcolm decided to get some Dairy Queen on the way home.
    "How's the wrist?"
    "Uh okay. I'm still irritated that I can't ride for a while."
    "Oh no, you poor baby."
He pulled up to the ordering box and turned the truck engine off so the person on the other end could hear.
    "Welcome to Dairy Queen, may I take your order?"
    "Uh yeah, one medium Oreo blizzard and- Sean what do you want?"
    "Strawberry shake."
    "And one medium strawberry shake, that'll be it."
    "Okay! That will be seven dollars and ninety-eight cents at the next window."

    He turned the truck key, and the familiar rumble returned to the vehicle. We pulled forward and stopped to see a woman in a Dairy Queen uniform. She had a fake smile on her face. Malcolm gave her a five dollar bill and three ones. She gave him two pennies back, and he tossed them in the cupholder in the center console. He thanked her as we pulled forward to the second window. A guy was there, acne all over his face. He asked if we wanted a drink carrier and Malcolm refused. The kid gave a nod and handed us the shake before the blizzard.

    I gripped the cold cup with my good hand and looked at the artificial pink coloring poorly mixed with the vanilla ice cream and pre-frozen strawberries inside. Malcolm thanked the guy, and we drove off.
    "How long until that cast comes off again?" He asked.
    "Uh...I think a month." I said it as if I was told that's how long I have to live.
    "Wow, dramatic much Sean?"
    "Ugh. I know, I'm ridiculous..but still. I can't compete or swim or write for that matter. This is some bullshit."
    "Heh. Mom and sis were always right about you being the whiny kid."
I turned to look at his smug face and glared at him.
    "I'm joking, but...what are you going to do while it heals..? Learn some new skills?"
    "I could visit the people in the hospital who have no I did in High School I guess...I can still go to competitions and such."
    "Sounds like a good plan..Want me to drop you off at your house, or wanna stay with your big brother tonight?"
    "I'm good actually, sleeping in my bed and not the cab of your truck sounds fucking great."
    "Okay." He paused, "Speaking of; try to get some sleep okay Sean? I'll wake ya in a few hours."
I nodded and looked out the window at the scenery. Can't wait to tear that up again with my bike.


    I woke up in my bed. It scared me half to death until I saw the note Malcolm left on my pillow.

    Hey, you passed tf out, so I carried you in. You weigh like ten pounds, so that was legit nothing. I left some muffins on the counter if you want any, talk to ya later Sean

    I groaned slightly but didn't let go of the note. I rolled onto my back and rested my wrist on my forehead, letting out a sigh breath. I blinked against my arm's skin and felt my eyelashes brush. I sat up, every joint in my back and shoulders popping until I got upright. That's when I remembered the cast on my right hand. I groaned and rubbed my eye with my left hand that's been clutching the note. I got up and winced at the new pain from my legs and wrist. Then awkwardly walked into my living room then the kitchen. I had a tiny apartment on the ground floor, which made transport for myself easier when I couldn't walk after my competitions. One bedroom one kitchenette one bathroom one living room and finally, one person.

    I used to be roommates with an old friend of mine until he got on with his life and found himself a girlfriend. Unlike me, who wasn't all into the relationship bullshit. Didn't like being touched was the primary factor. Last year I'd considered myself Asexual, but now I'm leaning more towards maybe an aromatic Pansexual. Just didn't like people in general though, tended to stay away because of that. I hate getting to know people and them ditching me or just caring for them too much and finding out they didn't care for me at all. That's why I spend my time alone mostly, thinking and learning new techniques for riding or helping people fix their dirt bikes.

    Sure, I love my dirt bike. It's the greatest feeling to be able to ride through thick trees and out on dunes. People look surprised by tricks and just my skill in general. It's become a huge part of my life, and I'm slowly dragging my friends and family into it. Besides riding, I love to read and play video games. Toss me some Shadow of Colossus, and I'll be set. I rested my fingers on a book I'd forgotten on the counter when we'd left a few days ago for the event. Meant to take it on the trip to read on the way there. I also saw some huge Costco muffins sitting on the counter, poppy seed, and blueberry. I grabbed a poppy seed one and went to my little microwave, pulling the wrapping off it before sliding it in the microwave. Typed forty-five seconds and pressed start. I watched the muffin rotate and heat. Once it was done, I grabbed it out and took a bite of the warm quick-bread. I liked them warmed up, but Malcolm would groan about how I wasted forty-five seconds of my life so I can be high maintenance. I smiled at the thought of his lecture. That's when I noticed my phone was on the counter too. I pulled it up and saw a few Instagram notifications. Someone had tagged me in a photo. I pulled it up and saw Mark Fischbach and me. He was holding his helmet while I gave a thumbs up with my casted arm. The caption caught my eye:

    Can't wait to compete with this guy again, follow him~

    I rested my elbow on the counter and let out a breath. Huh. Can't wait either I guess.


Yeah same here Sean
~Moon :3

    "I just want to throw out the fact you're a dumbass."
I looked at my brother Malcolm, who had mud on his face. 
    "You've said that nearly ten times now. I think I've got it."
He smirked a little and poked my taped up wrist.
    "They said it was broken right? Wasn't paying any attention, to be honest."
    "Yeah. Almost shattered."
I was pretty tolerant to pain since I've crashed on so many other trips that this was nothing. I almost shattered my hip last time. That was the shittiest few months of my life. 
    "You did grab my bike right?"
    "Nope. Left the several thousand dollar dirt bike just lying in the forest."
    "Wow that was so funny I forgot to laugh."
He smiled and scratched the dry dirt on his cheek. That's when I realized how dirty I was. Still in my riding gear, half dry mud and crumbly dirt clinging to my shirt and pants. Malcolm had driven me to the nearest health center, in some rural town. Only a few shops littered the streets, very few people out and about as well. We left our city about seven hours ago after finding some dirt bike riding competition a couple of miles from this town. 

    The doctors had examined my wrist, which was purple and swollen. Right this moment, they were getting casting material for my wrist. I hated casts more than anything. They were so restricting and annoying as all hell. The door handle jiggled for a second, and a guy walked in. 
    "Hey Doctor R-"
He stopped when he met my gaze. He was a shorter man, about my height. Chocolate brown eyes and black hair that messily settled on his head. Light amount of facial hair under his nose and on his chin. He was wearing dark jeans and a red and black flannel, which had a black t-shirt underneath.He stood there awkwardly for a moment with his left hand still on the doorknob. He'd clearly walked into the wrong room.

    "I uh-sorry wrong room."
    He closed the door, and Malcolm looked at me.
    "How does one go into the wrong room of a hospital that only has like ten?"
I shrugged, and Malcolm made a weird face. The doctor who's examined me walked in, talking to someone in the hall as he opened the door. I didn't catch a word of it, by why would I care anyways? Kinda dumb in my opinion. 
    "I'll put the cast on. Should be on for a few weeks, you can get it taken off wherever you live. Since I assume you're here for the dirt bike event happening down the road?"
Wonder where he could've gotten that idea. 
    "Yeah okay. Thanks again."
He gave a nod and started unraveling the casting material. Well. Here we go.

    It took him about fifteen minutes to do it. By the time he was done, I was itching to leave. Malcolm did insurance or whatever as I went out Malcolm's truck. I awkwardly got in the passenger seat, groaning from the pain in my wrist. I opened the glove box and grabbed a bottle of Ibuprofen. I took about three then put it back, slamming the thing shut. Come on Malcolm, hurry up or we'll miss the results. I stared at the health center's doors as Malcolm walked out. He hopped in the driver's seat and started the truck. We pulled away and started down the road towards the event. We were there less than ten minutes. We parked semi-far and started walking towards the sound of guys showing off with their mufflers roaring. Pushed through people, to see someone on a bright red bike flip and land perfectly. I smiled. God, I fucking love these events. 

    An hour into watching the finals, the Ibuprofen was helping. Had almost no pain, unless I rest my arm on the metal gate containing the crowd. Everyone noticed my riding gear and asked if the cast was from today. I always said yeah, and they requested to take a picture. I'd almost completely forgotten I was famous. I went to nearly every event that was close. People knew me. I signed people's helmets and plastic on their dirt bikes. Pretty neat gig in my opinion. 

    The guy we'd seen flipping earlier, won first place. Would've probably been mine if I hadn't crashed. He kept his helmet on as he was awarded. Everyone's eyes were on him.
I looked at his gear, very nice looking, must've been specially made. He removed the helmet, and I froze. It was that guy in the hospital. That's when I noticed him pull a notebook from his pocket and write something down. He looked up at me, and his eyes widened. He started for us, and I tensed a little.
    "I thought I'd recognized you at the hospital. Really love your tricks and skills. Would've been awesome compete with you."
I blinked at him. 
    "uh... Heh, thanks. What's your name?" I asked.
He held his hand out to me. "Mark. Mark Fischbach, pleased to meet you."

Yeah, I ride dirt bikes and ATVs, wanted to incorporate some of my interests into these stories now :P
~Moon :3

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